Vendor Cambium Networks - 3
140-2   Hardware   2   2016   InfoGard  
Cambium Networks, Ltd.
PTP 700 Point to Point Wireless Ethernet Bridge
Hardware Versions: P/Ns C045070B001A, C045070B002A, C045070B003A, C045070B004A, C045070B005A, C045070B006A, C045070B007A, C045070B008A, C045070B009A, C045070B010A, C045070B011A, C045070B012A, C045070B013A, C045070B014A, C045070B015A, C045070B016A, C045070B017A, C045070B018A, C045070B019A, C045070B020A, C045070B021A, C045070B022A, C045070B023A, C045070B024A, C045070B025A, C045070B026A, C045070B027A, C045070B028A, C045070B029A and C045070B030A;
Firmware Version: 700-01-00-FIPS
140-2   Hardware   2   2013   InfoGard  
Cambium Networks, Ltd.
Cambium PTP 600 Series Point to Point Wireless Ethernet Bridges
Hardware Versions: P/Ns BP5830BHC, BP5830BHC15, BP5530BHC, BP5530BHC15, WB2781, WB3039, WB3037, WB3092, WB3094, WB3387, WB3389, WB3222, BP5830BH, BP5830BH15, BP5530BH, BP5530BH15, WB2780, WB3036, WB3038, WB3091, WB3093, WB3386, WB3388 and WB3221;
with P/N WB3593 (HW Security Upgrade Kit);
Firmware Versions: PTP600-10-00-FIPS, PTP600‐10‐05‐FIPS or PTP600‐10‐07‐FIPS
140-2   Hardware   1   2013   InfoGard  
Cambium Networks, Ltd.
Cambium Networks PTP 800 Compact Modem Unit (CMU)
Hardware Versions: P/N WB3517, Versions 5.2, 5.3 and 6.6;
Firmware Version: PTP 800-05-02