Vendor Aviat Networks - 1
140-2   Hardware   2   2014   InfoGard  
Aviat Networks, Inc.
Aviat Networks Eclipse Cryptographic Module
Hardware Versions: INUe 2RU Chassis (P/N EXE-002), Fan Card (P/N EXF-101), Node Controller Card (P/N EXN-004), FIPS Installation Kit (P/N 179-530153-001), Replacement Labels (P/N 007-600331-001), at least one of: [RAC 6X (P/N EXR-600-001), RAC 6XE (P/N EXR-600-002), RAC 60 (P/N EXR-660-001), or RAC 60E (P/N EXR-660-002)] and all remaining slots filled by one of the following: P/N 131-501768-001, EXA-001, EXD-040-001, EXD-152-001, EXD-153-001, EXD-156-001, EXD-160-001, EXD-161-001, EXD-171-001, EXD-180-002, EXD-180-005, EXD-180-102, EXD-181-001, EXD-181-002, EXD-252-001, EXD-331-001, EXD-400-002, EXP-024, EXR-910-001, EXR-999-003, EXS-001, EXS-002 or EXX-001;
Firmware Versions: 07.07.10, 08.00.55, 08.00.70, 08.00.72, 08.00.80 and 08.00.81