Certificate 288 - ValiCert Security Module
intCertNum 288
strVendorName Tumbleweed Communications Corp.
strURL http://www.tumbleweed.com
strAddress1 700 Saginaw Drive
strCity Redwood City
strStateProv CA
strPostalCode 94063
strCountry 94063
strContact Ann Smith
strEmail ann.smith@tumbleweed.com
strPhone 703-248-6931
strFax 703-248-6932
intCertNum 288
strModuleName ValiCert Security Module
strPartNumber Software Version: SW 1.0
memModuleNotes When operated in FIPS mode
str140Version 140-1
_sp_ Security Policy   [pdf][html][txt]
_cert_ Certificate   [pdf][txt]
strModuleType Software
strValidationDate 02/04/2003;06/10/2004
intOverallLevel 1
memIndividualLevelNotes -Operating System Security: Tested as meeting Level 1 with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, SUN Solaris 2.8 (single user mode)
strFIPSAlgorithms Triple-DES (Cert. #83);
SHA-1 (Cert. #72);
RSA (PKCS#1, vendor affirmed);
HMAC-SHA-1 (Cert. #72, vendor affirmed)
strOtherAlgorithms DES (Cert. #144);
RSA encryption (key distribution)
strConfiguration Multi-chip standalone
memModuleDescription The ValiCert VA Toolkit 4.3 is built on our FIPS 140-1 cryptographic module. The 4.3 toolkit release has several new APIs and features. The library is also used within ValiCert Desktop Validator, Server Validators, Enterprise Validation Server, Document Authority, and Secure Transport Products. New features in VA Toolkit 4.3 include New APIs for fetching CRLs; Extended APIs for Certificate-Store ; Extended support for CRLs ; JITC compliance features ; TLS ; SSL Tunneling via Proxy Servers. The 4.3 release and prior releases support OCSP, SCVP, CRL, CRLdp protocols over HTTP, and HTTPS. The VA Toolkit 4.3 supports Windows 98/ NT/2000, Solaris 5.6/5.7/5.8, HP UX 11.0, and AIX 4.3. The Toolkit works along with FIPS 140-1 Level 3 and Level 4 validated hardware devices: e.g. nCipher, Baltimore, and Chrysalis-ITS hardware signing / encryption modules. The toolkit is also tested for interoperability with various PKI vendors: AOL/Netscape, Sun/Iplanet, Entrust, Baltimore, Verisign, Computer Associates and RSA Security products.
intModuleCount 1
memAdditionalNotes 06/10/04: Updated vendor information. (from ValiCert, Inc. to Tumbleweed Communications Corp.)
strFirstValidtionDate 02/04/03 00:00:00
strLabName InfoGard
strValidationYear 2003