Certificate 2350 - Canon MFP Security Chip
intCertNum 2350
strVendorName Canon Inc.
strURL http://www.canon.com
strAddress1 30-2
strAddress2 Shimomaruko 3-chome
strCity Ohta-ku
strStateProv Tokyo
strPostalCode 146-8501
strCountry 146-8501
strContact Yoichi Toyokura
strEmail toyokura.yoichi@canon.co.jp
strPhone +81-3-3758-2111
strFax +81-3-3758-1160
intCertNum 2350
strModuleName Canon MFP Security Chip
strPartNumber Hardware Versions: FK4-1731A, FK4-1731B;
Firmware Version: 2.10
memModuleNotes When operated in FIPS mode
str140Version 140-2
_sp_ Security Policy   [pdf][html][txt]
_cert_ Certificate   [pdf]
strModuleType Hardware
strValidationDate 04/20/2015
intOverallLevel 2
memIndividualLevelNotes -Mitigation of Other Attacks: N/A
strFIPSAlgorithms AES (Cert. #2907);
SHS (Cert. #2601);
DRBG (Cert. #638)
strOtherAlgorithms NDRNG
strConfiguration Multi-chip embedded
memModuleDescription The Canon MFP Security Chip handles cryptography for the storage device of the Canon MFP/printer. The Canon MFP Security Chip realizes high-speed data encryption/decryption through a serial ATA interface, using AES CBC mode. This allows the Canon MFP/printer's storage device to be protected against the risk of information leakage, without compromising objectives such as extensibility, flexibility, usability, and high performance.
intModuleCount 1
strFirstValidtionDate 04/20/15 00:00:00
strLabName ITSC
strValidationYear 2015