Certificate 1111 - OpenSSL FIPS Runtime Module
intCertNum 1111
strVendorName Open Source Software Institute
strURL http://oss-institute.org/
strAddress1 3610 Pearl Street
strCity Hattiesburg
strStateProv MS
strPostalCode 39401
strCountry 39401
strContact Steve Marquess
strEmail marquess@oss-institute.org
strPhone 301-524-9915
strFax 301-831-8447
intCertNum 1111
strModuleName OpenSSL FIPS Runtime Module
strPartNumber Software Version: 1.2
memModuleNotes When operated in FIPS mode
str140Version 140-2
_sp_ Security Policy   [pdf][html][txt]
_cert_ Certificate   [pdf][txt]
strPURL http://openssl.org/source/
strModuleType Software
strValidationDate 04/03/2009;05/28/2010
intOverallLevel 1
memIndividualLevelNotes -Operational Environment: Tested as meeting Level 1 with Fedora Linux 9; Microsoft Windows XP SP 2 (single-user mode)
strFIPSAlgorithms Triple-DES (Certs. #623 and #624);
AES (Certs. #681 and #682);
SHS (Certs. #711 and #712);
HMAC (Certs. #362 and #363);
RSA (Certs. #318 and #319);
DSA (Certs. #257 and #258);
RNG (Certs. #397 and 398)
strOtherAlgorithms DES;
RSA (key wrapping;
key establishment methodology provides between 112 and 150 bits of encryption strength;
non-compliant less than 112 bits of encryption strength)
strConfiguration Multi-chip standalone
memModuleDescription The OpenSSL FIPS Runtime Module is a general purpose cryptographic library designed to provide FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic functionality for use with the high level API of the OpenSSL v0.9.8 product.
intModuleCount 1
memAdditionalNotes 05/28/10: Change OS reference from Fedora Linux 9 to Fedora Core 7; Security Policy updated.
strFirstValidtionDate 04/03/09 00:00:00
strLabName Aspect
strValidationYear 2009