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Cryptsoft and BDT Storage GmbH (BDT) have responded to increasing market demand for key management server capabilities in storage products by collaborating on a proof of concept (POC) to embed Cryptsoft's KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) Server technology into BDT's recently announced 'Multistor' OEM tape library.

"As a leading OEM storage provider, we have seen demand for KMIP from the large enterprise customer continue to be strong, but what has surprised us recently has been the rising awareness and demand from the SME market," said Franz Bucher, Vice President of Research and Development at BDT.

For more information go to the Press Release.
Following the announcement of the published OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) v 1.4 specification and profiles documents - OASIS Announcement, Cryptsoft has confirmed full support for KMIP V1.4 across the full suite of KMIP Software toolkits with many its customers deploying v1.4 compliant products following completion of testing in January 2017.

KMIP v1.4 brings with it a range of new features including enhancements for automated client registration, dedicated PKCS#12 handling and PKI capabilities, updates to improve interoperability and a range of new usage profiles.

Within the IoT, smart grid and medical device markets, where secure end-point enrolment can often be a complex task, this means improvements in efficiency and ease of deployment without sacrificing security. The benefits also extend to manufacturing and supply chain management where the authenticity & tractability of multiple components is critical in both security and business contexts.

As the OEM provider of choice for encryption and key management SDK technology, this release means that Cryptsoft's customers have the ability deliver the range of features and benefits that come with this new version of the standard as realised within their respective products.

"As a long-time supporter of the KMIP standard, we believe in providing our customers with up to date toolsets so they can help the market improve its cybersecurity posture for encryption related technology." Said Tony Cox, VP of Partners, Standards and Alliances. "Making disparate technologies from multiple market sectors all work together brings a more cohesive solution to the enterprise enabling a higher level of protection and greater containment in the face of a data breach."

For more information go to the OASIS Announcement.